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Let It Begin With Me!


Are you the parent of someone who is chemically dependent? Or, perhaps, a spouse, a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or friend? If you are, you know that nothing can be more painful than watching your loved one self-destruct and be consumed by a disease that ultimately is fatal if that person doesn't find recovery for himself. Yes, I am talking about the disease of drug addiction.

As the mother of a son who is a drug addict, I have experienced the despair and anguish felt by each and every one of you. Letting Go and accepting that my son's journey must be his own has been the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. However, from the depths of despair over my son's addiction, I have come to enjoy a life of my own -- one with peace, happiness, and serenity whether my son is in recovery or not.

I credit my continual recovery from "codependency" to a Twelve-Step Program. Especially helpful to me are the guiding slogans used in the program. When I was first exposed to the slogan "Let It Begin with Me," the song you now hear playing immediately came to mind. I thought to myself, "Let There Be Peace in My Life and Let It Begin with Me." Through my Twelve Step program of recovery, I have learned that my journey toward serenity had to begin with me.

The intent of this site is to share with family and friends of addicts the experiences, strengths, and hopes of others dealing with similar issues. There are links to poems, thoughts, and quotations which I have found helpful in my own recovery.

I encourage you to post on the Message Board. It is through the sharing and caring of others that we continue in our own recovery as those who love someone who is chemically dependent.


~Please Click on the Angel to Email Me~

~To My Son~

~Dear Mom and Dad...A Letter from Your Addict~

~Let Go, Let God~

~The Serenity Prayer~

~Thoughts I Live By~

~Two Boxes~

~Finding the Key to Serenity~

~I Promise~


~Two Days We Should Not Worry~

~Don't Look Back~

~You Still Have Hope~


~Death of an Innocent~

~Judge Gently~

~Listen to Your Heart~


~Life Is a Journey~

~Our Little Girl~

~Walking in Your Shoes~

~My Child, Let Go~

~A Parent's Love ~

~The Twelve Steps~

~The First Step~

~The Twelve Steps to Non Recovery~

~Life Is Not Always Fair~

~The Difference Between Strength and Courage~

~The Cocoon and the Butterfly~

~Quotations to Ponder in Our Recovery~

~The Flow of Life~

~Today I Smiled~


~Priceless Things~

~A Special Flower~

~Always Have a Dream~

~Life's Tug of War~

~Hold On~


~No Matter What Happens~

~The Pattern of Life~

~It's Up to You~

~An Addict's Lament~

~God, Are You Real?~

~Let Me Love You One Day at a Time~

~Comes the Dawn~

~A Time to Believe~

~From Your Higher Power~

~Page Two~

Thank you, Pam.

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