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~ Goodbye ~

To My Drug of Choice,

I am writing you a goodbye letter because I can't continue my life with you in it. When we first met, I fell in love with you; you took away my pain both physically and mentally. I thought about you every day and found it hard just to see you once or twice a week, so I started seeing you more often, and eventually you went everywhere with me. I never let you out of my sight. We became obsessed with each other. You began pushing away all my friends who didn't like you, including loved ones and people who meant a lot to me. Shortly after, you pushed everyone away; you wanted us to be alone with no interferences and since you had broken me down into such a weak person, that is what you got.

But this is only part of what you have done to me. You have made me do things to people that I would never have done if I wouldn't have met you. You took all my money, wouldn't let me go to school, let me sit in jail got you. I've been kicked out of homes, and we've lived on the streets together. You have physically, mentally, and emotionally abused me. I've sat at home many times without you, crying for you, wishing you were there. I didn't think I could live without you, and this is exactly what you wanted.

Well, you have put me through enough Hell. I have realized that I must change my life and get rid of you. if I want to live. I have not only seen you wreck my life, but many others as well. You can't have a relationship without screwing it up. I should have seen this in the beginning, but out of desperation, I was blind. I am glad that I have managed to pry my throat from your grip before it got any tighter. You broke me down completely into nothing. Then you tore out my heart and stomped on it.

Fortunately, I have found someone to take your place -- someone who fills me and puts me in touch with my emotions, someone who holds my hand and leads me down the right path, someone who will help repair all that you have wrecked. So I don't need or want you anymore. But don't worry. I am taking lots of memories with me. I will never forget all the horrible experiences we have shared. I am taking with me the physical, mental, and emotional scars to remind me of the miserable life you gave me. GOODBYE.


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